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Plantain the future

Stories, Songs and Lore Celebrating the Natural World and Useful Wild Plants

It's commonly said in herbalism that "It's far better to know a dozen uses for one herb than one use for a dozen herbs", yet, many people still think of herbs in a "take this for that" sense.  To remedy this, jim mcdonald will offer in depth information on the far reaching potential of the common and infinitely sustainable weed plantain, exploring its deep and vital usage for issues throughout the body.  From mosquito bites to leaky gut syndrome, this is a plant that can be a foundational part of one's path to wellness. 

In 1994, jim mcdonald's life changed when he drank tea from a wild plant he harvested from the land he lived upon.  Since those first sips of strange tea, his life in the woods and meadows of southeast michigan has been centered on the plants & ecosystems of that land, and how he might share their virtues to restore wellness with those around him.  jim's approach to herbcraft is deeply rooted in the land he lives upon, and blends traditional european folk influences with 19th century eclectic and physiomedical vitalism, which he conveys with story, experience, humour, common sense and lore to students, clients, random passersby and readers of his websites www.herbcraft.org & herbcraft.podia.com.  He's taught classes throughout north america and is currently (still) alternately writing “Foundational Herbcraft” and the “A Great Lakes Herbal”, in addition to articles for journals and other publications.  jimis a community herbalist, a manic wildcrafter and medicine maker, and has been an ardent student of the most learned teachers of herbcraft… the plants themselves.

Lucretia VanDyke

Lucretia VanDyke


zen esthetics ...the divine art of beauty rituals from around the world

In this class we span the globe for beauty secrets from Asia to my family secrets from the mountains of North Carolina. You will Learn how to use what's in your kitchen and Mother Nature to craft skin/body care using botanicals and plants that are literally good enough to eat!  

We will discuss recipes as well as study the link between beauty rituals and self healing as we explore  what holistic means to our personal journey and look deeper into what our skin is trying to tell us about our bodies. 

With a journey that began when she was a little girl mixing herbs, mud, and roots on her grandparents’ farm, Lucretia VanDyke has had a lifelong connection to the plants. She has been in the wellness industry for over twenty-five years. Her quest for knowledge and storytelling has led her all over the world to learn about remedies, traditions, and ceremonies from indigenous healers. 

One of the foremost experts on Southern folk healing arts, Lucretia integrates rituals, plant spirit meditation, holistic food/herbal medicine, and ancestor reverence into people’s practices.

Lucretia has worked and trained with many internationally known spa and skin care companies. She is a holistic educator, speaker, herbalist, sacred sexologist, ceremonialist, spiritual coach, intuitive energy practitioner, diviner, author, and world traveler. Lucretia brings her vivacious spirit and her message of ancestral connection in herbal practices to inspire others to embrace their unique relationship with the plants. 

Teaching herbal classes, cooking, storytelling, and foraging in the woods learning native medicine charges her soul.


Bevin Clare

Bevin Clare


spice up your life! the delicious health benefits of therapeutic-dose spices

We know that spices are good for us, but how should we use them, how much should we take, and what does the (mountains!) of research tell us about using spices for health and wellness? While a sprinkle here and there is always great, there are ways to use therapeutic dose spices to support your health, and these preparations can be fun, delicious, accessible, and affordable. Learn about some of my favorite spices and ways to prepare them, and then go spice it up! 

Bevin Clare is an herbalist, nutritionist, world-wanderer, spice-gobbler, and is a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and the program director of the MS in Clinical Herbal Medicine program. She holds a MSc in Infectious Disease from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has studied herbal medicine around the world, blending her knowledge of traditional uses of plants with modern science and contemporary healthcare strategies. She is the author of Spice Apothecary (Storey Books, 2020). Bevin a board member and former Chair of the Board of the American Herbalists Guild where she works to promote clinical herbalism accessibility and professionalism and she is a long term board member of the United Plant Savers. You can find her musings at www.bevinclare.com and on Facebook and Instagram @spice.herb.wander



Jiling Lin




Jiling Lin is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac), herbalist, and yoga teacher who cultivates thriving health through nature, art, movement and ritual. Jiling’s integrative medical practice in Ventura, CA nourishes wellness for all people, specializing in sports acupuncture, women’s health, and chronic illness. She helps injured athletes heal and return to the wild worlds they love, restore function for high-performing individuals with complex health conditions, and facilitate transformation for visionaries stuck at major life transitions.

Jiling is faculty for the Esalen Institute, Balanced Rock Foundation’s Yoga Teacher Training, and Artemisia Academy’s Herbal Apprenticeship Program. She writes for Mountain Rose Herbs and various publications, runs “Tea Talks with Jiling” on the Herbal Radio podcast, and roams around the world teaching, learning, and playing in wild places with reverent gratitude.

Jiling broke both wrists in a major mountaineering accident in 2006. Acupuncture, yoga and herbs helped restore Jiling's mobility, stability, flexibility and strength. She's still climbing, along with surfing, biking, hiking, backpacking, and supporting other injured athletes through recovery, while teaching classes ranging from seasonal wellness to multi-day backpacking adventures. 

An avid traveler, teacher, clinician, multidisciplinary artist, and wilderness adventurer, Jiling is devoted to reconnecting humans with the wild beauty of their inner and outer landscapes. By providing the best integrative medicine and experiential education, Jiling helps empower thriving health and environmental stewardship in our bodies, communities, and world.

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