Order Fulfillment

Location: Eugene, Oregon

General Description: Mountain Rose Herbs is a progressive company seeking dedicated and enthusiastic individuals for our warehouse shipping operations. Our Order Fulfillment staff create the backbone of our company. All materials pass through their skilled hands, from start to finish. These dedicated workers make up the largest portion of our staff; shipping, order fulfillment, receiving,  etc.

 This position begins at $17.00/hour with benefits after 90 days.

Staff hired for Order Fulfillment swing/weekend shifts receive a $1/hr. shift differential.

We are looking to fill full time staff positions with production minded individuals who are driven to succeed. 

This is a fast-paced, deadline-driven work environment. Attention to detail while working efficiently, with adherence to regulations and protocols are absolute requirements. 

Basic knowledge of or background in order filling, packing and shipping orders, and computer/data entry skills are helpful. Knowledge and experience in organic handling, quality control measures, and inventory is preferred, but not required. Our order fulfillment and shipping center is highly computerized, and a basic working knowledge of computer systems and inventory management systems is necessary.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities required:

· Must have the ability to perform quick and accurate work with a strong attention to detail and cleanliness.

· Must have the ability to communicate competently with the Leads, particularly for any questions, concerns or issues that arise.

· As well as the ability to follow instructions and work well with others in a team orientated environment.

· Position requires the ability to "shift gears" at a moment's notice and have a Professional Attitude.


Essential Job Functions:

1. Dependability: is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to management direction, and solicits feedback for improved performance.

2. Following MRH procedures and protocols.

3. Responsible for the routing of all domestic and international shipments.

4. Responsible for “picking” orders from shelves, tubs, etc. based on itemized invoices.

5. Wraps, bubble-wraps, packages and boxes all orders to be shipped with utmost awareness of the packages’ integrity.

6. Verify the accuracy of each order so that the product matches the itemized invoice.

7. Checks Lot numbers for accuracy and correct as needed.

8. Accounts for all goods on the packing slip.

9. Communicates with Leads/Supervisor if any changes need to be made.

10. Accurately inputs and prints paid shipping labels.

11. Pays special care to expedited orders and correct methods of shipping.

12. Packages and ships all mail packets and parcels received from in-house offices.

13. Palletizing packages for shipment.

14. Willingness to learn and perform new procedures, equipment, and technologies.

15. Other duties as assigned.


Physical requirements may include but are not limited to:

· Working in a fast paced, potentially dusty environment.

· Lifting (with assistance if over 50 pounds), pushing, pulling up to 65+ pounds occasionally but not less than 5-40 pounds continuously.

· Stooping, bending at knees, bending at the waist associated with retrieving products from upper and lower shelves/tubs etc.

· Being on one's feet most of the day either while at a fixed station or walking while pushing a loaded cart.

· Associated twisting, bending, pulling as necessary to move filled orders, packed boxes, tape up boxes, etc.

· Other duties as assigned.


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