Our Commitment to Looking Inwards and Onwards


As many of you are aware, we have a longtime relationship with a farm partner in Israel who provides us with exceptional organic cilantro, paprika, dill, and parsley. This farm is a pioneer in organic agriculture in the Middle East and is on the cutting edge of research and development in organic farming practices. For many years we have believed that by supporting this farm, we are making an investment in the global organic movement that is critical to healthy food systems.

However, we are continually reassessing how sustainable and ethical our products are as we strive to provide the purest, organic botanicals. Many people in recent days have reached out to us with eloquence and great passion regarding the horrendous situation between the Israeli government and Hamas, and the bombardment of innocent, vulnerable people. We have heard these impassioned voices and we want to say thank you to all our customers and friends who have encouraged us to reevaluate our relationships in the Middle East.

We wholly believe that herbalism and organics cannot be separated from humanitarian principles. Therefore, we are humbled to admit that we built this partnership in good faith, based solely around the farm’s outstanding commitment to organic agriculture, but we have not ourselves fully assessed this farm partner’s hiring, ethics, or humanitarian practices in their region.

Additionally, we have for many years purchased organic black cumin seed oil from a family-owned company with headquarters in Israel. This company has an international reputation for providing some of the finest organic and kosher-certified cold pressed seed oils. We have done due diligence in regard to ensuring they meet our rigorous standards for organic, sustainable agriculture, but we have not examined their sociopolitical stance in the Middle East.

Because this is the case, we have made the decision to step back, learn more, and look again at our sourcing options for the four organic herbs and cumin oil we currently purchase from Israel. We will of course sell through the material we have on hand as we strive to source more creatively in a world where high quality organic botanicals are difficult to find.

We also want to speak to the subject of our Dead Sea salt. This salt is unique in its properties and what it brings to natural skin care. We have wrestled over the years with the environmental impact of harvesting salt from the Dead Sea and have worked hard to find a sustainable source for this beloved salt. However, in this watershed moment in history, we are reminded that we must always hold to our principle of protecting and honoring people, plants, and planet. It is for this reason that we will be discontinuing our Dead Sea salt and exploring new options.

We maintain that even if a product is sustainable and ethically sourced when we bring it into our product line, we must always monitor and ensure that it continues to fit our standards.


Updated 5/24/2021