About Grants 4 Plants

In 2018, Mountain Rose Herbs launched its annual Grants 4 Plants Program. Each year, we award a $4,000 grant to four recipients who share our mission of caring for people while protecting the planet. This year, we received over one hundred inspiring applications. Our growing herbal community is so rich with passion, creativity, and commitment! After careful consideration, we have selected four projects that we believe will have a lasting positive impact on this planet we call home. Please join us in congratulating this year's grantees and celebrating herbal education, environmental stewardship, and our plant-loving community!

Meet the 2023 Winners

Carl E. Dahl House Community Garden

The Carl E. Dahl House at Evergreen Grove is a therapeutic farming community located in Gardner, Massachusetts. Dahl House residents learn to tend to livestock, care for crops, and reconnect to the earth while accessing the clinical support and recovery education that will position them for personal growth and contented sobriety.  
The Carl E. Dahl House Community Garden wil use the Grants 4 Plants funds to build more gardening beds for a garden expansion, which will allow more residents to participate in growing food and will also enable the staff to develop a better garden curriculum to include nutrition, mental health, and gardening skills.

Rosalinda Sauro Sirianni Garden

North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) seeks to address the needs of people in crisis, hardship, and poverty in Northern Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. We work toward achieving this goal through a variety of programs, including the Rosalinda Sauro Sirianni Garden.

The garden is a community-driven initiative located in the heart of the North Hills of Pittsburgh, dedicated to addressing issues of food insecurity and promoting sustainability through the cultivation of fresh, organic produce. Quality food is often expensive, and so the ability to provide low-income families with the opportunity to eat well is the driving force behind the hard work that is poured into the garden by our volunteers and staff.

Safer Birth Foundation

Cincinnati Birth Center is located in the heart of Walnut Hills, a historically Black community surrounded by Corryville, Avondale, and Evanston. These communities have some of the highest infant mortality rates for Black babies in the U.S. In Corryville, for every 1,000 babies born, 41 will not make it to their first birthday. These babies are dying because they are being born too small and too soon. Cincinnati Birth Center creates an oasis in this toxic maternity zone. We’re building a community herb garden to support healthy pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.


Saticoy Food Hub

Saticoy Food Hub is a community-based organization in Saticoy, CA that is creating equitable economic opportunities for food producers while increasing access to local, fresh food for community members. Their work prioritizes community building, mutual aid, and self-determination and holds a shared vision of achieving food sovereignty by creating a food system for us and by us.  

Saticoy Sowers is a training program for community members to gather and learn about nurturing their own sustainable backyard production of food and medicine while being equitably supported with tools and resources. Training includes assessing and mapping landscapes, building soil, composting, planting, tending, and last but not least, harvesting and processing. Program expansion includes an herbal curriculum, a seed library, and an indoor nursery. Participants can share their harvests through the Saticoy Community Fridge and Saticoy Farmers Market. This widened lens in Saticoy Sowers allows neighbors to strengthen their community and find healing through the interconnectedness of people, land, food, and medicine.


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